WordCamp Kenya is a conference about the world’s most popular blogging software WordPress. Developers, designers and users will come together for talks and workshops related to WordPress and to publishing on the web, and to network. The first WordCamp in Kenya was held last year in Naivasha with 215 people attending. WordCamp covers all aspects of blogging, social media and digital publishing.

This year’s WordCamp will be at Maanzoni Lodge, about 40 minutes from the Nairobi city centre. It will be a 2 day event with a campfire dinner & party on Saturday night.

2012 Theme: Responsible Blogging and Positive Influence on Social Media

The growth of social media and the freedom of speech and expression instituted by the Kenyan constitution has positively grown Kenya’s online presence and more people are freely expressing themselves on the internet, reaching wide audiences both locally and globally. This is a positive change but if irresponsibly used, it can be a channel of incitement and abuse of these fundamental rights.

As Kenya nears the first general elections after the 2008 violence, we felt this was a topic worth dedicating this year’s WordCamp to. While the focus of the conference will be to equip attendees on knowledge to impact their blogging/social media experience in the long-term, WordCamp Kenya 2012 will give responsible political blogging and social interaction a special attention, hence the 2012 theme.

Expected Attendees

Based on turn out from last year, we expect this year’s WordCamp to host people in different careers from marketing professionals, ICT professionals, bloggers, web devel- opers among others. Majority will be between ages of 24 and 35.

Uganda & Tanzania

WordCamp Kenya will also be streamed to a sitting audience in Uganda’s Outbox Hub (100 people) and Tanzania’s Kinu Innovation Hub (80 people) and they will each also have 2 speakers on Google Hangouts speaking to the audience at Maanzoni lodge.


This year’s speaker pannel has 24 speakers including Isaac Keyet, the head of WordPress Mobile at Automattic Inc., Kimanzi Constable, an Kenyan based in the US who has spoken in over 10 different WordCamps around the world and other speakers from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. There will also be a speakers from IEBC and the Kenyan political class.

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