2012 Theme

The growth of social media and the freedom of speech and expression instituted by the Kenyan constitution has positively grown Kenya’s online presence and more people are freely expressing themselves on the internet, reaching wide audiences both locally and globally. This is a positive change but if irresponsibly used, it can be a channel of incitement and abuse of these fundamental rights.

As Kenya nears the first general elections after the 2008 violence, we felt this was a topic worth dedicating this year’s WordCamp to. While the focus of the conference will be to equip attendees on knowledge to impact their blogging/social media experience in the long-term, WordCamp Kenya 2012 will give responsible political blogging and social interaction a special attention, hence the 2012 theme.

6 Responses to 2012 Theme

  1. No sideshows like cars, videos & random isht bloggers? Asking for a friend 🙂

    • David Mugo says:

      Hey, everyone is welcome. The theme is just the focus of the conference. There will be other topics including technical talks.

    • mmnjug says:

      Now unataka car show? Lol! Maybe you can contribute…esp on the challenges you got while migrating your blog…..the issue of payments and stuff….yes?

  2. Nina Mckandi says:

    So the venue was moved from Clayfish?

  3. Pauline says:

    Kudos to the organizers, I look forward to attending this one – (missed last year’s).